To My Faculty

While we seem so far apart right now, we still are so close.
It feels like a year since I’ve seen Valorie excitedly run and get a book from the library, or seen Kenya get ready for another day of Math (hogging the copy machine while I’m trying to make the copy I should’ve made the night before 🙄) or made fun of Lynn for being Lynn or having that forest of plants on her desk.
It seems like forever since we gathered round the proverbial lunch table and choked back laughter while eating some bacon, or banana and peanut butter, or something from a jar, or a corn tortilla, or whatever Bailey eats that’s gluten free.
It seems like forever since we’ve seen Emilee and seen her positivity for each new day.
It seems like months since I’ve stood in the parking lot with Cassie and Jordan at recess and laughed about our kids or talked about our weekend.
It feels like an eternity since I’ve had my extra high level time with my deputy 😔
It feels like long ago when April would come in for another morning ready for another day of sharing Jesus with her little group of precious ones.
It feels like a year ago since I heard Lori’s calm voice giving piano advice or Miss Baldy’s caring pep talk to a student.
It feels like months ago when I’ve seen Pastor come in the lunchroom with another smile on his face ready to see the kids for catechism.
It feels like forever. It feels like we are so far apart. But we are not.
What separates us only makes us stronger.
What separates only reminds us of WHAT WE HAD, and what God has given us to look forward to again when the time is right.
Because this too shall pass, and what a wonderful world of joy, frustration, and laughter THIS faculty will be once again.

Ancient History Lesson – Macedonian Army Advancements

A look inside our ancient history class.  We have just begun the study of the rise Alexander the Great.  We began with the assassination of his father, Phillip.  Through Phillip and Alexander, the Macedonian army was able to make major advancements that allowed them to conquer the world!

The True Effect of the Coronavirus on the Classroom

A teacher’s perspective on the true effect that meeting virtually has on teaching.


Bringing History to Life: Battle of 300

With just a little documented sources to use for the battle of Thermopylae, I chose a little bit of a Hollywood version for the students to enjoy.

Of course we compared it to actual quotes of Herodotus.

Love Learning

Our goal is educators is to ignite a passion and LOVE for learning in the hearts and minds of the students whom we serve!

Teach what You Love

Passionate teachers equal passionate lessons which equal passionate students.


Bible Study: Baptism – It’s Personal

A study on the personal gift that is baptism.

Click on the link for a free PDF download of the Bible study!

Baptism – It’s Personal

Just Keep Growing
Just Keep Growing

Bible Study: The Church


A bible study focused on the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  Media content listed in the bible study can be found on YouTube.

Bible Study – The Church

The Thundering Herd

4-5th grade oil pastel buffalo celebrating the animal that so many Native American tribes hunted not for sport but survival.

We spent a few days discovering the various ways they would use EVERY part of the animal.

Next week a guest speaker who is part Navajo!


Devotion: That First Week of School Feeling

Many of us have returned to the back to school routine these past few weeks while some of us are about to embark on that journey very soon.  The beginning of the school year is often met with smiling students, happy teachers and parents, and a sense of excitement for what is ahead.

I hope that atmosphere will extend throughout the entire school year.  However, as many of us have experienced, that isn’t always the case.  The smiles turn into frustration over a difficult assignment.  Those happy parents and teachers turn into metaphorical gobs of goo as the pressures of the school year and all or our kid’s demands tug and pull at us in so many different directions.  

For some of us that time comes around October, when it seems like the year is plodding along at a snails pace.  For others it happens around December when the pressures of school and life collide in a monumental race until Christmas.  Finally, for some it happens around March when we reach spring break, and we quickly realize how much we need to “fit in” before the end of the school year.

Whenever that moment comes for you this school year, it will be important to remember back to that first week of school feeling that we are all experiencing right now.  

That feeling, that excitement, and those happy faces are one of the big reasons why we do what we do.  The other reason is timeless. The other reason doesn’t have ups and downs.  The other reason is there on the best of our days, like the first day of school, but more importantly is there for our very worst day.  The day when our sinful nature convinces us there is no hope.

That is when the true joy of Romans 15:4 is carried out with an exclamation point.  “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.”

The school year is a race of endurance.  God’s Word is what carries us through.  

The school year is full of moments that steal our joy.  Scripture gives us hope.

The school year is full of teachable moments for us to learn.  God gives us teachable moments throughout His Word as an opportunity for us to grow.

Stay steadfast in His Word, and that first week of school feeling will truly last you the entire school year.

Genesis in a Nutshell

As many of us start the year, this is a great snapshot of the book of Genesis.  I’ll be using it today in my Ancient History course for my junior high students.

Happy teaching!


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