FEEDBACK NEEDED: How Do You Overcome the Teacher Chart of Doom?

phases of teaching 2

Many of you may already be familiar with the above chart. After thorough research, the chart displays the general phases of emotion throughout the school year. While a generalization, it strikes a cord with many teachers.

I am considering doing a future blog post on this chart, but I need your feedback to help with my research.

How do you overcome the tough times displayed in this chart? Obviously, there are many difficult times we, as teachers, face throughout each school year. Furthermore, while every school year is most certainly different, many educators can attest to the ups and down that we experience throughout the course of an average year. On a side note, perhaps a topic for another time, is there even such a thing as, “an average year?”

Please leave your feedback via a comment on what gets you through the down times of teaching. We can be a resource for one another, so as we prepare for another school year we can be prepared as possible.

As WELS educators, our greatest benefit is staying connected and strong in His Word. Do you have ideas to help keep our focus on the Word throughout the year?

Please include thoughts on staying strong in Him and/or other ideas that help your through those tough months.

2 Comments on “FEEDBACK NEEDED: How Do You Overcome the Teacher Chart of Doom?

  1. Isaiah 40:31…Remembering exactly WHY I’m in this crazy profession always helps me refocus on what is really important. (On the practical side, I plan for some of my funnest activities during those long, cold winter days. Anything that gets the kids out of there seats and me to stop talking so much lightens things up. And some of my favorite semi-educational, closely-related-to-the-topic-but-actually-more-just-for-fun videos seem to make their appearances during some of the most stressful parts of the year. Even 8th graders like a good floor picnic and curling up with a pillow to watch something that doesn’t QUITE look like a boring textbook video!)


  2. Thanks for sharing, Jodi! I love having fun Mondays, especially after an extended break. Kind of eases the kids back into things. I think it is even more of a challenge in northern states where you have kids inside all day for many winter days. I may have to steal the idea of a floor picnic!

    On a separate note how is everything going with all the changes there? You ready for the school year?


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