From September, 2014

The Most Valuable Feedback in the World is Your Students

“We all need people who give us feedback.   That is how we improve.”                                                                                         -Bill Gates Our harshest critics, are often times the students whom we serve. I have the privilege of teaching an amazing group of junior high students. They may be some of the harshest critics of them all. One thing I love about teaching…

TED TALK: Every Child Deserves a Champion

If you have never had the opportunity to listen to this brief TED talk from the late Rita Pierson, indulge yourself and do so!  Her passion for teaching and students is infectious.  Teaching is all about relationships! The link to the TED talk

The Power of the First Field Trip

The power of a well-planned field trip is immeasurable. While difficult to find that thin line between fun, interesting, and worth-while, when that line is found it can reap huge benefits.  I am a firm believer in the power of the first month of school field trip. I typically like to make this field trip to be a fun, learning trip that the students can be very excited about. This year, we went to a state park for our Science class. We took a three-mile hike, worked through a Science lab, had a religion class, and finished by swimming in…