Easter Monday?

Creating an Easter Sunday Mindset in our Classroom the Entire Year

Three Easter Lillies

He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!

The euphoric, emotional high that is felt by Christians throughout the world on Easter Sunday morning is intangible.  On one day of the year, we unite together proudly proclaiming a risen Savior.  

Perhaps, you had an extra-special focus on our Savior’s actions throughout Holy Week in your classroom as it all culminated with a joyous worship service on Easter Sunday.

When we think of Easter we think of joy, victory, enthusiasm, and an inward reaction to run and go tell others the Good News!  

Wouldn’t it be great if we took that same attitude and emotion that we feel on Easter Sunday, and have it permeate our classrooms throughout the entire year?  Having that attitude of joy and victory and enthusiasm in all that we do.

That mindset always begins at the top.  Yes, teachers, I’m looking at you.  You are the one who sets the tone of your classroom.  What type of tone are you setting?  It is one of joy?  Is it one of that no matter our weakness, we are victorious through Christ?

Students notice the smallest of imperfections from their leader, their teacher.  If you are often stressed out, they will notice.  Do you come to school with tired eyes?  They notice.  Do you stand to yourself rather than smile and laugh with the other faculty and staff at lunch or recess?  They know.  Are your lessons taught with the enthusiasm and importance?  Oh boy do they notice.  

We are all imperfect.  I will run out of fingers on my two hands if I start counting up the amount of times I have fallen into the poor leadership category in just the past month.  

The important skill that we, as leaders, must model time after time is the skill of reflection.  True, honest reflection.  Reflection that rests without any blame on others.  Reflection that has us owning the problem.  It is not the fault of the principal, the curriculum, our students, our families, or any other external factor.  It is our problem.  We are the leaders, and we must lead.

True and honest reflection also implies that we must have a willingness to change.  A willingness to look for the right answer even if we don’t have that answer in front of us.  

In our professional studies, we continually see the importance placed on reflection.  A quick internet search of teacher reflection gives you a dizzying amount of methods to aid in reflection.  Marzano Research includes it is their third domain, becoming a reflective teacher.  Some tremendous materials put together by Marzano can be found here:  http://www.marzanoevaluation.com/files/domain3/Marzano_AST_Domain3_LongForm.pdf

The bottom line is simple.  When students witness us always improving, always growing, and always learning…they will too.  They will find joy in their learning.  They will find joy in themselves.  Most importantly, joy will continue to be modeled every day by their leader in the classroom, you, and the leader in their heart, their Savior.  

When that happens, we are all winners.  We are all victorious.  Our weakness becomes our greatest strength.

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