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Kindergarten and Play

The academic benefits of play are simply immeasurable.  This article helps summarize just a few of the major reasons why play is vital in the primary grades. Kindergartners Get Little Time for Play  

Reading List: Readicide

I am currently enjoying reading this book.  It takes a look at how national education policy has killed the love of reading for students across the country.  It takes a hard look at how No Child Left Behind and high-stakes testing have been a major detriment to the overall literacy rate in America. Most importantly, it explains how, we as schools, can curb this alarming trend and promote the love of literature in the hearts and minds of the students whom we serve.  I will have a more detailed review up when I finish reading.  In the meanwhile, I encourage you…

High Stakes Testing: It’s Broke, yet We keep doing It

There is an old adage, “If it is broke, don’t fix it.”  Unfortunately, education in America is broke, yet we aren’t fixing it. Extensive research has reached the conclusion that high stakes testing is a net negative and does not aid in student achievement.   I have had the fortune of discussing testing with numerous…