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Is History Dead in Your Classroom?

“History is philosophy teaching by examples.” That quote is attributed to the great Athenian general and historian, Thucydides.  We all know the old saying, “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”  While true, the quote from Thucydides gives that saying true gravity.  History not only teaches us about the past, it teaches us about ourselves.  It teaches us the principle that everything throughout history has a grand purpose and plan laid out by our Creator. So this bears the question, do you find yourself in a history teaching rut?  Do you find yourself repeating endless lessons…

Ben Franklin Said it Best

How many hands-on learning activities have you engaged your students in this week?  This is a great visual for all you history teachers out there!

10 Questions to Increase Engagement with Your Students

Having a tough time grabbing your students attention for a particular class?  Try reflecting on these questions as your prep for your lesson. What is the big idea for my lesson? How can I incorporate movement into this lesson? Can I incorporate a dramatic, cinematic score into the climax of my lesson? How can I get my students outside my classroom walls for this lesson? Could my students demonstrate the main idea of this lesson with play-dough? How can I incorporate technology into this lesson? Could my students video a summary of the lesson with their tablet for this lesson? How does…