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In the Heart of Harvey: Destruction Creates Hope

As of the last measurement, Friendswood, Texas has received 49.23 inches of rain during the deluge of Hurricane Harvey.  As many of your are aware, this has caused massive flooding in the Friendswood area and throughout Houston.  The creeks, our natural drainage system in Friendswood, are all at record flood stage.  Over 30% of the city’s homes are under water, and that number could continue to rise.  Parts of the city are totally cut off from emergency services.  It is the definition of a disaster. Many other parts of Houston and the surrounding areas have lost everything.  As we speak,…

Creativity = Growth

The latest ad I’m working on promoting the importance of creativity in education.  A great read on this topic is Dr. Ken Robinson.  You can check out his passionate TED talk on the subject on YouTube. Creativity Ad