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Bringing Literature & Writing to Life

Having a challenging time bringing some life to your literature and writing classes this last month of the school year? One of my favorite activities to use is a comic strip creator available through PC, Apple, or Android. We just created our own comics last week in literature class.  The students created their own graphic novel written in the style of the popular thriller series, Goosebumps.  The students loved it, and it has caused some of them to delve into the series further. Check out this handy graphic organizer, and start your students on their own comic today!

Is History Dead in Your Classroom?

“History is philosophy teaching by examples.” That quote is attributed to the great Athenian general and historian, Thucydides.  We all know the old saying, “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”  While true, the quote from Thucydides gives that saying true gravity.  History not only teaches us about the past, it teaches us about ourselves.  It teaches us the principle that everything throughout history has a grand purpose and plan laid out by our Creator. So this bears the question, do you find yourself in a history teaching rut?  Do you find yourself repeating endless lessons…

Ben Franklin Said it Best

How many hands-on learning activities have you engaged your students in this week?  This is a great visual for all you history teachers out there!

10 Ways to Thank a Student

10)  Tell Them Nothing beats the ol’ fashion look ‘em in the eye and “thank you.” 9)  Stickers anyone? Not as a reward, but as a quick and easy thank you.  Everyone loves stickers. 8)  Write Them a Personal Note Stick it in their desk or backpack.  Better yet, if you are really proud of their work in a certain subject, tell them.  Slip it into the next lesson of their textbook so they can have the pleasant surprise all to their own. 7)  Tell the Parents Trickle-down thankanomics? 6)  Display Their Work Place their art work or strong assignment…

The Most Valuable Feedback in the World is Your Students

“We all need people who give us feedback.   That is how we improve.”                                                                                         -Bill Gates Our harshest critics, are often times the students whom we serve. I have the privilege of teaching an amazing group of junior high students. They may be some of the harshest critics of them all. One thing I love about teaching…